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Engage your customers like never before. Reach them with 100% open rates. Discover who your top customers truly are. The social network you always dreamed of having that works for you.

No Hassle. No Code. All Devices.
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// Other Social Platforms Don't work for you, you work for them!

Connect with all your customers in seconds!

You've been there, you post something on a social platform, and nobody sees it. On That Social App, you post, and every single one of your customers knows you've posted! Engagement goes through the roof, your customers feel connected to you, and your business thrives!

Tired of posting endlessly on social platforms only to have none of your customers see your posts? That Social App is a game changer!

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That Social App
That Social App

// That Social App Difference

Build your online brand like never before possible

No algorithms, No Ads from competitors, Only your brand

Location Based Social Networking
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Become a connection hub
Your Customers Spread the word to their friends

// How That Social App Works

Step 1. Download That Social App and Add your Business

Simply install That Social App from the app store of your preference, and let us know you'd like to add your venue to That Social App! It will be added within 24 hours! Email us at: [email protected]

// How That Social App Works

Step 2. Promote That Social App at your location!

Let customers know to install That Social App, that's it! Many of our clients add promotional materials to their venues letting customers know to install That Social App! They let their customers know to engage in their businesses private social app! Once you email us we can even create custom posters for you! Email us at: [email protected]

// How That Social App Works

Step 3. Connect with your customers like never before!

There is so much you can do with That Social App! It will change the game for your business by finally creating a space for you to connect with your customers! Post to your business' timeline and watch as all your customers view your posts, and engage with your content! Watch your customers connect with each other like never before, and even posting their own content to your private space.

// What is Location Based Social Networking?

The Only social network built for businesses with physical locations

There is no other technology like That Social App for businesses with physical locations.